The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

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a roofer inspecting a roof for any damages

Once the roof has been installed, most homeowners completely forget about it until a problem arises.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it, right? Wrong. Regular roof inspections and maintenance will drastically reduce the likelihood of premature aging, leaking, and other damages.

Your roof plays a significant role in protecting your home, family, and loved ones from the outdoor elements. Being exposed to rain, snow, hail, and temperature changes will wear down the roofing materials and eventually lead to a necessary roof replacement.

The more proactive you are the more you’re likely to avoid major roofing problems. Catching and fixing a small problem now will help save time and money further down the line.

Common Roof Problems

After years under the scorching sun and stormy weather, your roof is bound to experience some wear and tear.

Roof leaks are the most common problem plaguing homeowners. Leaks can be the result of a handful of roofing issues such as broken shingles and clogged gutters. These leaks tend to occur near the chimney, gutters, and around any plumbing or vents.

When the sealant holding your shingles together wears off, the roofing material begins to loosen or break off completely. If the rest of the roof is in good shape, the shingles that fell off can be easily replaced.

Tree leaves, twigs, and other debris may clog your gutter, causing the water to back up the system and seep into the roofing materials. The excess moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew to grow, rotting the roofing materials and allowing for water to damage the inner structure of your home.

Why Are Regular Roof Inspections Important?

It’s crucial to have a professional inspect your roofing every fall and spring, regardless of its age.

Having your roof frequently checked for damages can help catch larger roofing problems before they can take effect. Periodic small repairs are much more cost-effective than one major repair job.

Though it may be difficult to notice damages, professionals may be able to spot signs of trouble such as growing spots of mould and pooling water. The piling of minor damages can rapidly turn into much bigger problems that’ll be more difficult and costly to fix.

Having a damaged roof when storm season arrives can cause serious anxiety for homeowners. Will the roof fall in? Will it start leaking? There’s no predicting what’ll happen, which is why it’s best to have your roof inspected before the winter season so that you can get through the storm with peace of mind.

Roof Inspections and Maintenance in Ottawa

There’s nothing worse than having an old, worn roof when the stormy season hits.

When small problems are fixed right away, they prevent the need for a complete roof replacement, which your pocket will thank you for.

Here are Century Roofing and Siding, we help you stay on top of problems before they can cause significant damage to your home. From missing shingles to clogged gutters and small leaks, our team of experts is here to help.

Reach out to us to learn more about our roof inspection and maintenance services and get a free, no-obligation estimate today.


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