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How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost in Ottawa?

The total cost for a roof replacement in Ottawa varies by several factors. Without professional inspection, there’s no easy way to calculate the exact cost of a new roof, which means that none of the online roofing cost calculators are going to be accurate. However, you can get a rough idea by looking at the average cost of roofs in Ottawa and by understanding the factors that impact the cost of a roofing project.

Replacing your roof is a significant investment into your home. A roof helps protect you and your family, saves you money on energy bills, and can increase the curb appeal of your property. In this edition of the Century Roofing & Siding blog, we’ll be discussing the cost of roof replacements in Ottawa and the factors to consider.

a certified roofer discussing roof replacement cost in Ottawa with clients

The Average Roof Replacement Cost In Ottawa

Replacing your existing roof or installing a new roof is no easy task and requires knowledgeable experts to provide reliable results. It’s an investment into your home that you don’t want to cheap out on. Nobody wants to find themselves in a position where they have to replace their roof much sooner than if it were done properly the first time around.

Before committing to getting your roof replaced, it’s important to have a professional evaluate the current state of your roof. With a proper assessment, you can decide whether a repair or a replacement is your best choice. Once a decision has been made, make sure to check that the roofers that you’re hiring are insured, experienced, and provide results that past clients are satisfied with.

The most common materials for roofs in the Ottawa are asphalt shingles and metal roofs. Asphalt shingles are a popular choice because they are durable, long-lasting, and are the most affordable option for new roof installations. The cost of an asphalt roof in Ottawa varies between $4,000 – $14,000 – with the average cost being roughly $8,000.

Metal roofs are a considerably more expensive alternative because of the materials and the expertise required to install them. They are worth the cost because they can last a lifetime, they are more energy efficient, and they also protect your roof from rot and mold accumulation. As a result, the average cost of a metal roof in the Ottawa area is approximately $19,000.

Factors That Impact The Cost Of A Roof Replacement

a large and multi layered roof The Size Of Your Roof

One of the most important factors when trying to estimate the cost of a roof replacement is the size of your roof. The square footage of your home’s roof directly impacts the cost of the job. The more surface area that you need to cover increases the amount of materials and labor that is required.

Although it won’t give you an perfectly accurate estimate, knowing the surface area of your roof is good information to have when exploring your options for roof replacement services.

Roofing Materials

The types of shingles, roofing materials, and shingle design that you decide on will also be an important factor that will influence the overall cost of your roof.

Choosing between strip, dimensional, and luxury shingles will affect the cost per a square foot. On top of the design of the roofing shingles, the materials used, like slate, asphalt, or metal will also influence the budget of your roof replacement.

roofing inspection and consultation to determine the roof replacement cost

Building Permits, Inspections, & Warranties

Depending on where you live, certain communities require building permits for roof installation or roof replacements. Some roofing services provide free inspections, but others charge it along with the installation process. Building permits that are obtained from municipal authorities should be factored into the estimate for your roof replacement.

Some roofing services offer extended warranties that are separate from a standard roof warranty. Make sure to inquire what their warranty covers and how long it will last.

Roof Shape & Design

The architectural design or style of your roof will also influence the cost of a roof replacement project. If your roof has complicated slopes, multiple dormers, overhangs, vents, and other unique requirements, it will involve additional labor and skill making the roof cost increase.

a certified roofer replacing a roof in OttawaCondition Of Your Existing Roof

Depending on whether the reason for replacing your roof is because of significant damage or that your roof has reached its lifespan will vary the overall cost of the replacement.

Water damage, structural damage, and rot can increase the labor required to make sure that the foundation of the roof is in good condition. The better condition that your existing roof is in the less your new roof installation or replacement will cost.

Roofing Contractor Rates

Most roofing contractors will provide an estimate for a roofing project per a square foot – this includes the materials and labor costs.

At Century Roofing & Siding, we offer free quotes for all of our roofing projects in Ottawa. If you’re looking to get a roof replacement, contact us to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

The national average of roof replacement costs for asphalt roofs is $4.75 per a square foot and $10.36 per a square foot for metal roofs.

The most common type of shingles for roofs in Ottawa are asphalt shingles. They come in 3 different forms: strip shingles, dimensional shingles, and luxury shingles.

The most common and “best” type of roof is made from asphalt shingles. It is a frequent choice for homeowners  because of its durability, easy installation, and inexpensive pricetag.

It’s time to replace your roof if there is significant damage, if it’s at the end of its lifespan, if there are missing shingles, or if there is mold or rot accumulation. These are common reasons to get your roof replaced, but each type of roof maintenance will vary.