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As a homeowner, you need to make sure that your roof is in top shape to bear the brunt of everything from torrential rain to searing heat. Century Roofing and Siding talks about the kinds of elemental damage your home may experience, as well as how to combat them.

Your Roof and The Elements Part 1: Weather Worries

Heavy Rain

Spring in Ontario is a very rainy season, seeing an average of 73.3 inches of rainfall in May. Our roofing company knows for a fact that water damage from rain is the most common roofing problem homeowners experience. The best way to deal with rain damage and stop it from being a problem is to have your roof checked for any signs of leaks. Even the smallest leaks can become a bigger problem, and prevention truly is better than cure when it comes to rain.

Heat Damage

You may think a season full of sun would do your roof good, but heat damage from the sun is actually magnified when your roof is wet. Remember that as you enter summer, you’ve already gone through a rainy spring season.

Because of this, our roofers recommend getting lighter colored roof shingles for your home. Lighter colors reflect light while darker tones absorb it, so it’s actually a simpler way to make your roof more heat-resilient and prevent long term sun damage.

Snow and Hail

While hail is a relatively rare occurrence, heavy snow and even snow storms are more common. When left on your roof unattended, snow can put a huge strain on the stability of your roof. It also does considerable water damage when it starts melting.

The simplest way to prevent snow damage is to have your roofing cleaned when the snow starts piling up. We highly recommend getting one of our professional roofers to do this to ensure best results and the safety of your household.

Dealing with Ontario’s elements can be tricky, but knowing what you’re up against makes them easier to handle. In the next part of this blog, we will discuss how you can further increase your roof’s elemental resistance. Our roofing company serves homeowners all throughout Ottawa, ON, and other parts of Ontario. Give us a call at 613-738-1774 to learn more.