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Siding is responsible for protecting homes from the elements. It’s designed to be weather through a variety of outdoor threats, but it does have to work harder than ever when conditions are harsh, such as during winter. In case you are dealing with damage, you want to be ready for it so it pays to know the different kinds of winter siding damage you’ll possibly face.


Cracks and Breaks

Vinyl siding is prone to cracking and breaking when temperatures suddenly change or reach extremes, much like during winter. Unfortunately, cracks and breaks cannot be simply repaired, requiring replacement to fully address. 

Peeling Lamination

This is a problem common with wood siding as constant exposure to heavy snow little by little peels off the lamination in place as protection. Unfortunately, once the laminate is gone, wooden siding is exposed to moisture, upping chances of rot. To avoid further damage, siding replacement is needed.

Missing Siding

When strong winds blow during winter, they can dislodge siding panels, exposing your home’s sensitive internals. It’s also possible for siding to fall off even when they are not completely damaged due to poor installation. Either way, missing siding has to be replaced right away to not only prevent moisture intrusion but to maintain your home’s insulation as well.

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