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Imagine having problems with your roof in winter. Not only will the cold seep through unsealed gaps but you will also be exposed to leaks when the snow melts over your roof. Most people grin and bear it, however, and wait for spring to undertake roof replacement. Not many people know, however, that you can actually replace your entire roofing system in winter.

Century Roofing and Siding, your premier roofing contractor in the area, explains why roof replacement in winter is not only possible but ideal.

Slow Season Means Immediate Scheduling

Winter is the time when a great majority of people would rather stay inside and huddle beneath their warm blankets. Few, if any, have a mind to look at the state of their home and decide to overhaul or upgrade it. This is why winter is a slow season for many roofers.

The scarcity of jobs in the cold season means roofers can accommodate your project request at the time that suits you. In spring, where business picks up pace again, you would be at the mercy of a queue. Do it in winter and you can enjoy your new roof when spring arrives.

Money Logic

Corollary to the first point, any contractor who’s looking for a paying job in three months of the slow season of it will likely be happy that you chose them. This means you can cut a better deal with them regarding the cost of materials and labor, as demand is low.

Conversely, upgrading your home in winter will also mean that it will be ready to be sold when spring or summer comes. When you upgrade in either season, you will have to wait for next year before you can make money off it, as most people don’t buy in fall or winter.

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