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While siding replacement can be done in virtually any time of the year, there’s a small window of time in the late fall season that’s ideal for siding installation. In today’s post, local siding and roofing company Century Roofing and Siding Ltd. discusses why you should have your siding replaced this time of the year.

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Hot Weather Can Soften Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a very popular siding material because it strikes a good balance between cost and performance. Vinyl can withstand prolonged exposure to heat, however, it can make vinyl softer. Installing vinyl siding during the summer season requires additional care, which can slow down the installation process. Summer also happens to be peak season for most types of home remodeling contractors. Late fall is the season where it’s cold but not too cold, which can be conducive to siding installation.

Extreme Cold Can Make Siding Brittle

Some homeowners want to get ahead of the peak season by booking roofers or siding installers before spring even begins. Assuming one can find siding installers during that time, siding installation isn’t ideal unless it’s an emergency. Extreme cold can make certain types of siding brittle, therefore unsuitable for installation. A late fall installation will let you choose the type of siding that you want for your home without worrying about wasting siding boards due to cracking or shattering during installation.

High Humidity Carries Risks

Warm weather usually has higher humidity levels, which places moisture damage to certain types of siding material like wood shakes. Moisture can also get trapped between siding and substrate, which can lead to mold growth. All of these are non-issues with fall siding installation, as the air during this time is dry but not too dry.

You might be wondering why seasons matter for siding installation, when it’s going to be on your home all year round. It’s because siding has to be cut and nailed to the wall during installation, and doing it during the wrong season can lead to a lot of wasted material, as well as costlier installation.

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