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Home improvement projects like a roof replacement or siding installation require careful consideration. For instance, if you are about to get a roof replacement and you have been asking for suggestions for the type of roofing that’s best for your home, you may have heard about standing seam metal roofing.

Why You Should Choose Standing Seam Metal RoofingBut before you call a contractor, you’ll want to know more about it first. You want to make sure that it’s the right choice for you.

In this post, your trusted roof and siding replacement expert tells you all the basic things you need to know about standing seam metal roofing.

What Does Standing Seam Mean?

As the name suggests, with standing seam metal roofing, the seam is raised instead of flush-mounted. Panels of roof run straight from the ridge to the eaves with seams in between the panels that are connected by fasteners. These seams are raised above the metal roof’s level.

Seams have always been the weak points in roofing systems, so raising them above panel level is definitely a good idea.

What Are Its Advantages?

Aside from the raised panels which are an obvious advantage, there are also a number of perks that come with having standing seam metal roofing.

First of all, metal is known to be tough and highly durable. Stronger roofing materials last longer, so you can expect to enjoy your metal roofing for about 50 years or so!

You can also paint the roof any color you want, even with lighter shades. That means you can have a “cool roof” that will help you prevent solar heat gain in your home. You do not have this flexibility with composite shingles. Even if you do not wish to customize the color of your roofing, there are still more options for hues for metal roof compared to asphalt shingles.

Standing seam metal roofing offers a sleeker aesthetic, too. No more rippled tin roofing. The straight and smooth lines of modern metal roofing can surely improve the look of your home, whether you want something industrial, contemporary or even country-style.

Note, however, that not all roofing contractors have the knowledge and training to install standing seam metal roofing properly. You should make sure that you only have this type of roofing installed by a reputable roofing company with a team of pros trained to work on this particular type of roofing.

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