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Homeowners easily neglect the importance of good gutter system. While it might seem like your roof can manage without one, the rest of your home could be in for big trouble. Century Roofing and Siding discusses the importance of gutters in a roof, the ways to maintain and maximize their effectiveness.

Why You Need Reliable Gutters on Your Roof Today

The Importance of Gutters

Many Ottawa roofing companies recommend gutters on your roof because they function to shunt water away from many critical parts of your home. Foremost among these would be foundations. When water collects in this area, it can cause rotting among the wooden components. Another area of concern would be your landscaping. Water that flows of your roof usually does so in sheets that damage landscaping. Having a gutter in place will divert water away from these areas.

Choosing Your Gutters

When getting new gutters, you have a choice between copper and steel. Copper represents traditional materials and is a reliable option. Steel features a coating of aluminum and zinc for rust resistance. Both make for dependable gutters, depending on how much rain you expect in your area. Hiring Century Roofing and Siding allows you to be sure that you get gutters that fit your needs perfectly.

Keeping Your Gutters in the Best Shape

You need dependable roofers in Ottawa to ensure proper maintenance. Hire us to check on your gutters often, we’ll make sure they’re clear of leaves and debris. A better option would be to opt for gutter protection. We’ll install these systems over the gutters, covering them completely. They work to screen things that can easily collect and build up, allowing only water to enter. They also do away with the need for constant cleaning and clearing.

You gutters can save you a great deal of money on potential repairs. For a truly lasting investment, pair them with a gutter protection system. Call Century Roofing and Siding today at (613) 738-1774, and we’ll start you off with a free estimate.