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Planning to get new gutters for your home? According to our team of roofers, you should probably put aluminum gutters to your list of priority picks. Choosing this type of material for your gutter gives you a few benefits that you won’t always find in other alternatives.


Aluminum may be a lightweight material but it’s considered one of the toughest gutter options available. Aluminum is completely impervious to rust, unlike some types of metal gutter, but it doesn’t get brittle over time, unlike PVC. With proper maintenance, aluminum gutters can outlast other types of gutters by a few years or even decades.


Like we said earlier, aluminum gutters like our Alu-Rex™ gutter system can last long with proper maintenance. Fortunately, proper maintenance for this type of roofing doesn’t mean much. No rusting or corrosion to worry about, so there’s no need to keep reapplying protective coating. All you have to do is keep it free of debris or ice dams.


One of the main problems with heavier gutter materials is that they often require extra nails or support brackets to keep them in place. Aluminum gutters can be installed without doing all that. Furthermore, aluminum is flexible to an extent, so it’s more tolerant to constant temperature changes.


Aluminum is an incredibly versatile material, which means you can tailor your aluminum gutters to fit almost any home design. You can choose to have your gutters painted in a wide variety of styles, plus it’s malleable, so a roofing company can easily modify your gutter to have a specific trim that best suits your home.

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