What to Look for in an Ottawa Roofing Company

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There is more to choosing the right Ottawa roofing company than you might think. Hiring the first roofing services company you speak to without inquiring about their services or negotiating the price is a sure way to get taken advantage of. 

Choosing the right Ottawa roofing company, however, is a relatively easy process that takes a small amount of effort. The best part? This process will save you money, time, and a whole lot of stress! 

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We’ll be explaining the most important things to look for when choosing an Ottawa roofing company. We hope that you make an informed decision with this information and give your roof the treatment it deserves!

Experience with Ottawa Weather

There’s one thing unique to Ottawa that makes choosing the right Ottawa roofing contractors an important task: the weather. Ottawa, ranked as the 7th coldest capital in the world, is an anomaly compared to other world capitals. Temperatures drop as low as -26°C amid winter and reach high as 32°C during the hottest months. Calling Ottawa a city with a heavy temperature swing is an understatement.

For this reason, you must choose an Ottawa roofing company that is familiar with the temperature. Ottawa roofing contractors with cold-weather experience will be able to recommend roofing options that are appropriate for harsh weather fluctuations and ensure that they will withstand the test of time. 

Trusted by the Ottawa Community

When you hire Ottawa roofing contractors it is critically important that you check the reputation of the company. If you hire an out-of-town roofing company or an unrecognized company you run the risk of ruining your roof with low-quality craftsmanship. 

Take a look through the usual review sites – BBB, HomeStars, and Google reviews – and make your best judgment with the resources available to you.

High-quality Ottawa roofing contractors, such as Century Roofing, are renowned for their local reputation 

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and attention to detail. Hiring roofing services from locals is a great way to build connections, involve yourself with the Ottawa community, and guarantee your roof is in the best shape possible!

Fair Prices

Everything comes down to price. It’s important to ensure that you are getting the best roofing services available for the best prices available. Making sure you’re getting a fair price ties into our last point about immersing yourself in the Ottawa community. Communities tend to stick together – you’re less likely to get ripped off by a local Ottawa roofing company than you are by an out-of-town roofing service.

It’s unlikely, however, that you’ll find a flat rate for a roofing service as prices depend on the material, job length, and the size of your roof. Any reputable roofing company will offer you a free estimate that will put the scope of the job into perspective.

The Trusted Ottawa Roofing Company

Are you finally ready to get your dream roof? Century Roofing is Ottawa’s #1 roofing service. We’ve provided Ottawa with expert roofing services, excellent prices, and outstanding customer service for over 40 years. 

Contact us today to get your free estimate and unlock the potential of your roof! Century Roofing is happy to take on any roofing installation, repairs, or maintenance jobs you need to be completed efficiently and competently. Don’t wait – upgrade your house today!


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