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Thunderstorms are always a reason for concern because of the lightning, as well as the dangerous weather conditions that come with them. Hail, tornadoes, strong winds and flash floods can all be caused by thunderstorms. Aside from being a danger to our wellbeing, thunderstorms almost always result in some roofing problems.

What to do After a Thunderstorm

Why do thunderstorms happen in summer?

For a thunderstorm to happen, there has to be warm and unstable air as well as moisture. When it’s highly humid and the temperature is high, hot, moist air rises into the atmosphere, forming a thunderstorm.

What should you do before a thunderstorm?

First of all, you need to make sure that you have an emergency kit ready. It’s also wise to establish a communications plan with your family so everyone knows what to do in case a thunderstorm happens and members of the family are not together.

Ensure that roof repair is performed as soon as it’s needed. This way you can be sure that your roof is secure and won’t cause any problems. The same goes for your windows, doors and other parts of your house that may need fixing.

If there are trees near your home, have the branches trimmed and check to see if there are rotten parts that could fall and cause damage to your home or injure someone.

Before a storm starts, unplug your electronic equipment at home.

What should you do when the thunderstorm is over?

After making sure that no one needs medical attention, tune in to your local television or radio to get updated. Take note of important information like which roads are safe to take, which areas should be avoided and more.

When the weather is better, contact your roofing contractor to inspect your roof so you’ll know for sure that it is in good condition.

Thunderstorms are not something to be taken lightly. Whether or not you live in an area where they happen frequently, you should always be prepared.

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