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Most homeowners probably don’t really think about the roof over their head, much less their roof vents. But the vents located on your roof actually play a pivotal role in keeping your entire roofing system healthy as well as the internal temperatures in your home ideal. In today’s post, trusted roofing company, Century Roofing and Siding Ltd., shares the importance of roof ventilation to your entire home. 

What Proper Roof Ventilation Can Do for Your Home

How Roof Ventilation Works

Roof ventilation works by allowing cool intake air to enter your home while allowing warm, humid air to exit. Intake vents are usually located along the lowest eaves or near soffits while exhaust vents can be found along the highest part of your roof. Together, they perform a delicate balancing act. 

Why Is It Important?

When installed correctly by experienced roofers, roof vents provide many key benefits. Chief among them is reducing moisture build-up in your home by allowing adequate air circulation. A well-ventilated roof will also extend your roof’s life expectancy. You may not think this is important since your roof is constantly exposed to the elements anyway, but nothing can be further from the truth. 

During winter, a too-warm roof will melt snow build-up and cause it to refreeze along the edges causing dreaded ice dams that can wreak havoc to your home. In the summer, a roof that is poorly ventilated will raise the temperatures in your attic which can then lead to damaged shingles and other roofing materials. 

Proper roofing ventilation will also greatly reduce your home’s energy consumption by helping your HVAC system keep your interior space at an ideal temperature year-round. 

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