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An organized roofing file is essential for roofing maintenance. It is a tool that helps you keep track of important information about your roofing system. You may start with the materials used during the installation process and build it into a more extensive collection of details regarding inspections result and repair work. In this blog, gutters experts discuss what your roofing records should contain.

Basic Roof Information

The first thing your roofing file should document is basic roof information. This includes the roof size and pitch, the location and type of penetrations and equipment on your roof, and other necessary observations from seasonal inspection visits. This information will be fleshed out as time progresses.

Roofing Materials

Make sure to include information regarding the type of membrane, flashings, insulation, deck and other components in your roofing system. Also, keep the labels and manufacturer maintenance manuals of the products you are using. A siding professional says that these will come in handy during re-roofing or replacement projects that may happen in the future.

Roof Plans

Gather information during your initial roof inspection. Some residential and commercial building owners use the same copy of their roof plans during several inspection visits and list down the results of each inspection. This practice is also beneficial for contractors as it lets them examine the results of past inspections. It will also give them an idea of which roofing areas to spend extra time on.

Warranty Information

Make sure to keep the original copy of your roofing warranty. Your warranty offers coverage and will protect you from costly repairs caused by faulty products. It also determines who can do the repair work on your roof and what renovations you can do.

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