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There are many different terms for fascia boards, and you may know it as the horizontal board under your roof that’s fixed along the rafter ends at the eaves. But it also helps to understand which type is installed and what role it plays in protecting your roof. Let our roofing and siding specialists at Century Roofing and Siding Ltd. tells more about what you need to know:

Understanding How Fascia Works on Your Roof

How It Works

The fascia is a horizontal board that runs along the roofline of your home. It acts as a finishing edge or trim that connects to the ends of the rafters and trusses. The board is visible from the home’s exterior. They can be made of wood, but other materials such as vinyl or aluminum are available in the market as well.

The fascia board plays a vital role in protecting the roof and the interior of the home from moisture by blocking its entrance. It’s where your gutters are installed, which help direct water runoff away from your home. It also enhances your roof’s aesthetic appeal, as it creates an even appearance along its edges.

How To Protect It

Regular care and maintenance are essential to keeping your roofing system in good condition, and this includes protecting your fascia board from constant exposure to natural elements. Some fascia boards may also be vented, but vented soffits are typically sufficient enough to manage natural airflow.

Another way to protect your fascia board is by installing a drip edge. This is an L-shaped piece of metal that’s nailed into the roof’s decking, right below the first layer of shingles. The drip edge deflects water away from the fascia board and prevents it from going up and under the shingles. 
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