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Roof maintenance helps keep your commercial roof in good shape. You must care for your roof to ensure the protection and safety of its occupants. Even what appears to be a minor issue can speed up the wear of the system.  

Here are tips for assessing and inspecting a commercial roof from the roof and installation experts at Century Roofing and Siding.

Get Rid of Debris

Make sure your roof is free from debris like gravel, dirt, leaves and twigs. When left on the roof, they can retain moisture, which can cause mold and algae growth as well as standing water. 

Check the Roof Surface

For single-ply roofs, look for holes, cracks or fastener back-out. On built-up roofs, see if there are missing gravel or exposed felts. Check if the roof seams and transitions have cracks or holes. If so, have them sealed. A visual inspection can help you determine the condition of your roof and if it needs replacement. Whether it’s time for a new roof or a siding replacement, you can count on Century Roofing and Siding. 

Unclog Drains

Ponding can cause leaks and compromise your roof’s structural integrity. Prevent this problem by having field drains and auxiliary drains cleared. 

Inspect Roof Penetrations

Roof penetrations, such as pipes, drains and other components that protrude through the roof surface are prone to leaks. It’s important to inspect HVAC units, conduits, rain collars, vents and pipe boots. A damaged or leaking roof penetration should be repaired by a professional. 

Look for Sealant Issues

Immediately address sealant issues such as cracking, crazing, openings, or deterioration. They often occur around penetrations and perimeter flashings. You can avoid these problems by regularly inspecting the sealant and having issues resolved as soon as detected.

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