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A roof replacement is a major home improvement project. When done properly, new roofing in Ottawa can increase the value of your home, enhance comfort, and even let you save on your energy bill. Unfortunately, not all roof installations may go as planned, which is why you should be careful in looking for contractors.

Here are some roof installation mistakes worth knowing about to help you determine if your contractor has installed your roof properly.

Improper Slope
Your roof has different slopes. An improper slope on any area can make the roof prone to leaks. Make sure your contractors are using the right materials, as some may not adhere properly on certain sections of the roof, such as the valleys.

Installation Over Damaged Roofing Structure
When installing a roof, the contractor may place it over the existing one (roof-over) or take out the old roof and then install the new one (tear-off).

If your contractors plan to do a roof-over, they need to make sure that the structure of the old roof is still in good condition. They should assess for signs of weather damage, dry rot, and other issues. If not, you may have roofing problems way before the new roof has reached the end of its service life.

Unsecured Flashing
The flashing covers joints and roof intersections to prevent water from seeping through and damaging the parts underneath the external roofing layer. If your contractors don’t secure the flashing properly, it may not prevent water from getting through the roof. Additionally, if they use the wrong type of flashing, water damage may shorten the lifespan of your shingles.

Improperly Aligned Shingles
Checking the alignment of the shingles is one of the easiest ways to spot a poorly installed roof. The butted joints should be on the same horizontal plane and the cutouts on your three-tab shingles must be vertically aligned.

When inspecting the shingles, take note of their edges. They should hang over your roofing by one to one and a half inches. If you installed drip flashing, the shingles should hang by half an inch to three quarters of an inch. A shorter overhang may allow water to seep through the fascia, while a bigger one may lead to a blow-off when there is high wind in your area.

Don’t let a bad installation work ruin your home. Hire licensed and experienced contractors for roof repair and replacement.

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