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While gutters might seem forgettable and minor, they actually plays a key role in protecting your home’s exterior and even safeguarding the structural integrity of your entire property. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t think much about the gutters until they are starting to cause problems.

The Dangers of Clogged Gutters

In this post, our experts at [company_name] discuss the dangers of clogged gutters and how we can solve them.

Roof Damage

Clogged gutters will fail to divert water away from the roof, causing it to pool on its surface. The result is continuing water damage that will weaken the roof considerably and cause leaks to form. This might eventually cause mold and mildew development on the roof itself.

Exterior Walls and Siding

Clogged gutters will also cause the water to spill improperly, eventually running down the walls or siding. While the latter can withstand water damage, this isn’t the case with water coming from the gutters as it usually goes inside the siding instead of running on the surface. The water itself might spill into your garden and sidewalk, compromising their integrity and beauty.

Foundation Damage

Eventually, that water running on the walls from the gutters will pool in the foundation of the home. This will cause continuing damage and weaken it, ultimately shifting the very structure of your home.

Innovative Gutter Protection Systems

We solve this common gutter problem by installing durable, seamless and innovative gutter protection systems. It prevents leaf litter and debris getting in your gutters, eliminating the need for regular gutter cleaning. Our protection systems can handle heavy downpours and snow and come with a lifetime warranty.

[company_name] installs gutter protection systems and offers eavestrough cleaning. Call us today at [company_phone] to learn more about our services. We offer gutters and protection systems throughout Ottawa and other parts of Ontario.