If Your Roofer Has These Traits, Keep Them

If Your Roofer Has These Traits, Keep Them Finding reliable roofers for all your roofing needs can be challenging. If you’ve ever searched the internet for local roofing companies, then you’ve probably seen hundreds or even thousands of potential candidates that will all want to help you repair or replace your roof. Even if you narrow down […]

How Are You Going to Pay for a New Roof?

How Are You Going to Pay for a New Roof? When it comes to settling payments with your roofing company, cash is king. If you can save up enough before taking on a roofing project, you won’t have to worry about payments once the work is completed. Unfortunately, as great as paying full in cash is, […]

What Every Roofing File Should Have

An organized roofing file is essential for roofing maintenance. It is a tool that helps you keep track of important information about your roofing system. You may start with the materials used during the installation process and build it into a more extensive collection of details regarding inspections result and repair work. In this blog, […]

FAQs About GAF Warranty

Newly Finished Residential Roof

The roof is an essential component of your home’s exterior. It is responsible for protecting your family and the interiors from harsh weather elements, such as ultraviolet rays, torrential rain and sharp-hitting hail. Buying a new roof requires several important considerations. One of them is choosing a warranty. To help you, here are the answers […]

3 Things You Need to Know About Financing a New Roof

A roof repair or replacement is a large investment. It can also take a toll on your budget if you lack available finances in your bank account. Fortunately, there is an array of financing options that roofing companies offer to help you pay for your new roof. But first, you need to have all the necessary information […]

Why Work With a Roofer Offering Financing Options?

When you embark on any kind of roofing project, especially a replacement, you can expect to make a significant investment. For a lot of homeowners, this means seeking out financing options they can work with to help them better manage their expenses. What many don’t realize, however, is that they don’t have to look far […]

Is Frost on My Roof a Bad Thing?

It’s normal for a homeowner to want to make sure that their property is in top shape at all times. After all, your home is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. As such, making the most of your investment means taking care of your property. And when it’s winter, this can mean […]

Should You Remove Snow From Your Roof?

Snow removal is a task that shouldn’t be neglected by homeowners with flat roofing or roofs that are prone to ice dams. According to experts, letting snow accumulate on your roof can make it vulnerable to collapse.

Essential Tips for Preventing Ice Dams

You’re probably no longer a stranger to ice dams. But even though they are a common problem in colder regions, you can still take a few measures to prevent icicles from forming along the margins of your roof.

Tips for Assessing & Inspecting a Commercial Roof

Roof maintenance helps keep your commercial roof in good shape. You must care for your roof to ensure the protection and safety of its occupants. Even what appears to be a minor issue can speed up the wear of the system.