A Surprising Way to Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

A siding replacement project is an excellent way to boost the appeal of your new home. However, the benefits of choosing the right type of siding don’t end there. Siding serves as the “skin” of your home, protecting your walls against exposure to the elements like rain, snow, hail and wind. Aside from all these known advantages, […]

4 Ways the Right Type of Siding Can Benefit Your Home

Siding is an ubiquitous part of every home’s exterior, and is often dismissed as nothing more than a decorative element. But the right kind of siding can help improve your home’s exterior in more ways than one. In today’s post, siding and gutters company Century Roofing and Siding Ltd. discusses these benefits.

Why Fiber Cement Siding is a Worthy Investment

If you’re planning to spruce up your home this season, you should consider getting a siding replacement. But to get the best results, you should choose an excellent siding material, like fiber cement. It offers a host of great features that makes it a worthy investment for any homeowner. Century Roofing and Siding, your trusted […]

Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Wood Siding

Have you checked your siding lately? When it has already sustained extensive damage, whether by age or extreme weather, the better decision is to get a replacement. And while there are a variety of siding options available today, you should consider something more classic–wood siding. Century Roofing and Siding, the area’s trusted siding and roofing […]

How Siding Affects Your Home’s Interior

It’s a given that your siding has a critical role to play in your home’s exterior aesthetic. On top of that, it also keeps the wind and rain off your back. Along with your roof and gutters, it keeps excess moisture outside your home. However, do you know that your siding also affects your home’s […]

Reasons to Replace Your Old Siding Before Winter

Reasons to Replace Your Old Siding Before Winter

When it comes to your home, it’s important to keep every element working in harmony. All the components should work well with each other. Old siding, in particular, can compromise overall aesthetics. As the winter season approaches, set an appointment with a premier siding replacement company for your next home improvement project. Here’s why you […]

The Key Features and Benefits of Metal Roofing

When it comes to residential roofing, many homeowners tend to go with traditional shingles. There are, however, other materials that can surpass the performance of shingles and match their beauty. A metal roof, for instance, is a versatile choice that can complement either a traditional or a contemporary home. Here’s what you need to know […]