The Importance of Regular Commercial Roof Maintenance

It’s important for a commercial property to have all its components functioning in perfect condition to help the company operating inside to maximize their profits. This is why it’s highly recommended to have your commercial roof inspected by a roofing contractor. Keeping the Roof Clean One of the most basic forms of commercial roof maintenance is […]

How to Prevent Leaks in Commercial Roofing

Roof leaks can be very frustrating. And the more you ignore them, the more extensive and expensive the damage can get. In this post, Century Roofing and Siding shares some quick tips on how you can prevent leaks in commercial roofing.

Easing Tenant Woes During Commercial Roofing Projects

Commercial roofing projects are typically scheduled to incur the least amount of disruption for building tenants. However, as they are usually extensive, they require lengthy timelines, meaning they will need more than just a weekend to be completed. As such, it’s inevitable that tenants will be on-site while roof work is being carried out. 

Modified Bitumen: A Remarkable Commercial Roofing Solution

A Remarkable Commercial Roofing Solution

Modified bitumen is a popular commercial roofing option among business owners and contractors alike. This is, in large part, due to its inherent features and benefits. Here’s a look at why it should be your roofing material of choice as well.