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President John F. Kennedy said in his circa-1962 State of the Union Address, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” For a lot of homeowners in the United States, this can’t be any truer. cues us on how the roof protects us from the elements:

When you consider how a building keeps cool, the most common thing that comes to mind is air conditioning. But the first real line of defense against the heat is a building’s roof. And a hot day in the life of a good roof should include releasing — not storing and absorbing — the sun’s rays.

Depending on the material, the way roofs deal with heat varies.

Roofing tiles made of felt-like materials overlaid with asphalt and tar will hold heat, and even transfer it downward into a structure, while other types of roofing will reflect light and heat upward and away from a building instead.

With extreme temperatures – both highs and lows – being an issue in Ottawa and rest of Canada, for theat matter, what’s needed to maintain a roof in top condition is a compromise: the perfect time between the frigid winter weather and the scorching summer heat. Century Roofing and Siding, the most dependable among the roofers in Ottawa, recommends springtime as the perfect season for roof repairs, and enumerates three reasons to justify this suggestion.

The first reason is to assess the past season’s damage, as a lot can go undetected without a roof inspection during the spring. It would be a lot easier for Ottawa roofing companies to conduct inspections when the roof is dry.

Reason number two is all about preparing the roof for the approaching hot weather. With summer just a few weeks away, it’s important to ready your roof for the heat it brings.

Lastly, spring isn’t as busy as autumn when it comes to roof repairs. As a result, you can score lower rates more easily.

The key to prolonging your roof’s service life is proper maintenance at the right time. With spring in full swing, it’s just right to have an inspection this season to avoid hassles in the months to come.


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