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Preparing for your siding replacement means planning your project carefully to ensure success. If you do it right, you’d get the results you want without overspending and too much stress. To help you make your siding replacement in Ottawa, ON, a success, Century Roofing and Siding suggests that you keep these key factors in mind:

Siding Replacement Preparation: Prime Factors to Consider


Budgeting for your re-siding project shouldn’t be limited to product price and installation. It should also involve the life-cycle costs or maintenance requirements and important intangibles like energy savings. Some homeowners only focus on the former and end up spending more money down the road because of occasional paint jobs.

The key is to weigh your short-term gains with long-term rewards. A good rule of thumb is to choose a low-maintenance siding system at reasonable initial costs. Understand the upkeep requirement and energy efficiency of each option to find the product that makes sense for you and your home.


Your new siding is only as good as its installer. Hire a contractor for your siding installation in Ottawa, ON, based on credentials, not on price alone. When you choose the right one, you can expect expert service  and quality products that last.


A re-siding project can be disruptive, but it shouldn’t necessarily ruin your everyday routine. Losing the sense of normalcy in your family’s daily life may create stress, especially to your children. Ask your contractor about how distracting the project may be. This way, you can anticipate issues and adjust accordingly.

Be it fiber cement, fiberglass, wood, stucco, aluminum, or vinyl siding Ottawa, Ontario, Century Roofing and Siding is the name you can trust. You can count on our experience and proficiency in the most popular siding solutions to carry out your project with excellence.

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