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Siding Repair vs Siding Replacement

The exterior of your home is the first impression people have of your residence. This is one of the many reasons it is important to properly maintain and repair the siding of your house. But when is it time to completely replace the siding as opposed to repair it? Century Roofing has been working in the roofing and siding industry since 1980. We have perfected the formula for gauging the amount of work that needs to be done to restore your exteriors to their original glory. We have put a simple guide together to help you decide if you need to repair or replace your current siding!

Repair VS. Replace – Which Is Best For You?

Before making the decision to either repair or replace the siding on your house, it’s always good to speak with an expert and do your own research. This guide will help you decide which route will be the best choice for you and your home.

Benefits Of Siding Repair

Siding repair is incredibly important, and should be addressed as soon as the damage has been inflicted to the siding of your house. One of the major reasons to ensure your siding is well maintained is to keep your house energy efficient. You may notice your utility bills going up if your siding is damaged, and this is because the siding to your house is a crucial component of your home’s thermal envelope. If your siding is damaged it will cause your heating system to work harder to maintain the proper temperature for your home. The second major reason to ensure your siding is well repaired is to avoid any additional water Incursion. Not repairing the siding to your house could cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home if water seeps in. It could cause rot or even freeze after being absorbed by the walls of your home.

Benefits Of Siding Replacement

There are dozens of benefits to replacing the siding on your home, we will discuss the major benefits here!beige and white siding Replacing the siding to your house will greatly improve the look of your home! From an aesthetic standpoint this is an excellent option. The second benefit to replacing the siding to your home is it drastically increases your home’s value. Invest in your home, and in turn you are investing in your future! The final benefit we want to highlight is the energy efficiency improvements! Whenever a new siding replacement project begins, we wrap your house to seal any air leakage areas throughout your home! Once the siding is installed over this, clients notice a difference in their utility bills, greater than when they replace their windows which is known to increase energy efficiency!


The cost of repairing or replacing siding can be intimidating for some people if they don’t understand the value in replacing the damaged siding to their home. Depending on the size of your home the pricing will vary greatly since the cost heavily relies on the price of the material per square foot. It also depends on the material you choose for the siding of your home. For example vinyl siding will be the cheapest option, whereas if you decide to go with cedar siding you can expect to pay more for a quality product. Speak to an expert today to discuss what options will suit your needs best!

Timelines For Each Project

Naturally, replacing all of the siding to your home will take longer than repairing existing siding. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of delaying a complete siding replacement. Speak to an expert such as Century Roofing to decide which route will be better for your home!

Century Roofing – Your House Siding Experts

Century Roofing has been helping clients replace and repair the siding on their houses for over 40 years. Our team of trained experts are ready to help you through every phase of the project, and will give you peace of mind knowing you are in good hands. Don’t wait, contact Century Roofing today to get a free estimate for your siding or roofing project.