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When you get your roof maintained, it’s easy to forget that your gutters need some attention, too. They are technically a part of the roof system, after all, and are where majority of the wastewater goes through.

Roof Maintenance Goes Hand in Hand with Gutter Cleaning

Although emptying your gutters of debris may not be something you’re looking forward to, experts like Century Roofing and Siding are glad to explain how critical it is to ensuring the safety and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Gutters and Water Damage

The gutter system installed on your home is responsible for preventing water from damaging not just your roof, but also your exterior walls and foundation.

Neglecting to clean your gutters regularly can cause leaks to form on your roof due to the weight of the debris pulling the system, as well as the roof, down. We recommend thorough eavestrough cleaning at least once a month or more if you have recently experienced turbulent weather.

Frequency of Cleaning

You can actually gauge how much cleaning your gutters need not just on how often you experience rain or storms, but also on how many trees are surrounding your home. If your lot has many trees or is merely just close to some, we highly recommend getting your gutters cleaned regularly. The risk of blockage is magnified when the weather starts becoming rainy or stormy.

Cleaning Protects Your Siding

Keeping your gutters clean doesn’t just protect your roof from leakage. It also prevents water from damaging your home’s siding. While most exterior wall coverings are generally resilient to water, too much can negatively affect its performance.

This water risk is why we always recommend our gutter systems since they reduce the amount of leaves and debris that accumulate in your gutters, and redirect water away from your exterior walls. They protect your roof and keep your frontage looking good.

The next time you’re planning to get your roof repaired or maintained, consider gutters from Century Roofing and Siding. Our company specializes in cleaning gutters throughout Ottawa, ON and other parts of Ontario. Give us a call at 613-738-1774 to learn more about our services.