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Whenever people talk about a roofing system’s energy efficiency, they tend to focus on the main roofing material and the type of insulation used underneath it. While those two are the biggest factors that dictate a roof’s efficiency, there are other things that can affect how well your new roof will function. A good example of these is the type of fasteners used during installation.

Roof Fasteners and Their Effect on Roofing Insulation

Metal Fasteners as Thermal Transmitters

Roof fasteners include metal nails, plates and screws designed to hold either large sheet panels or smaller individual shingles. While most metal fasteners are now made of stainless material, all metal fasteners still tend to have high heat conductivity. This means extreme heat or cold can travel from the head of the fasteners down to the roof beams or the insulation itself, causing a slight negative effect on insulation.

The Bigger Picture

While one or two cold metal fasteners may not seem much, you have to keep in mind that a typical roofing system can have hundreds or even thousands of fasteners, each acting as thermal bridges that negatively affect the roof’s insulation. This is why our roofing specialists use smart roofing design that helps minimize the amount of fasteners used without compromising the roof’s structural integrity.

Other Means to Minimize Negative Effects

Aside from a more optimized usage of fasteners, our roofers can also recommend solutions that can offset the negative effects of roofing fasteners. These include adding polymer plates or washers designed to minimize the amount of heat conducted by the fasteners as well as recommending better roof insulation options.

Due to the science involved in minimizing the effects of fasteners on insulation, experts recommend having the roof designed and installed by actual professionals. Our roofers are especially trained to make sure that you are getting a roof that delivers peak energy efficiency with minimal risks of encountering problems related to poor insulation.

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