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Spring is just around the corner, and it’s high time to get your roof inspected. Considering the next season’s unpredictable and potentially harsh weather conditions, make sure your roofing system is in great shape. This way, you can prevent leaks in the coming months. Century Roofing and Siding shares the reasons to schedule a professional roof inspection this spring.

Reasons to Schedule a Roof Inspection This Season

Identifying Winter-Related Damage

Whether planning a project for residential or commercial roofing in Ottawa, Ontario, hiring pros is the only way to spot hidden red flags. You may not find any visible causes for concern from the ground, but the winter could have dealt damage in hidden components. Without discovering the issue early, especially at its infancy, it would grow into a bigger and costlier headache.

At Century Roofing and Siding, we specialize in various residential and commercial roofing systems. Since 1980, homeowners and business owners alike rely on our wealth of experience for timely and thorough roof inspections.

Adding More Years to Roof

Roofs that get inspected by roofers at least twice a year live longer than those that only get professionally checked when there’s leakage. Tougher roofing systems aren’t as demanding in maintenance as less resilient ones, but they still need some attention.

Expert roofers in Ottawa, Ontario, like us recommends routine maintenance because this can delay premature replacement. Giving your roof the care it needs will slow down wear and tear, prolonging its service life.

Keeping Your Warranty Valid

Most warranties provide coverage on defects on the condition that you’d provide your roof proper maintenance. Know the upkeep requirements your warranty demands to keep warranties valid. If you can’t prove that you did your part to maintain your roof’s good shape, your warranty may let you down when you need it.

A roof inspection can spare you the trouble of dealing with costly and unexpected problems. Let the finest roofing company in Ottawa, ON, perform a thorough inspection on your valued asset. Call Century Roofing and Siding today at (613) 738-1774 for your free estimate.