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When replacing the siding of your home, fiber cement is one of the better choices. It has its pros and cons like other materials, but its positives far outnumber its negatives, explaining its fast-emerging popularity.

All About Fiber Cement Siding

What makes fiber cement the near-perfect siding replacement option? Century Roofing and Siding answers the FAQs about it to cast light on its utility and appeal:

What Does It Consist Of?

Fiber cement is a composite material. Its basic recipe comprises four key ingredients: wood pulp, Portland cement, water, and fly ash. The wood pulp lends fiber cement its flexibility and resilience, while the fly ash acts as a filler. Made from a mixture of limestone, clay, and iron, the cement binds all components. The water dissolves the wood pulp as well as activates and hardens the cement. As a result, the end product delivers exceptional stability and low maintenance—a combination of qualities you can’t always find in other materials.

How Does It Stand Up to Nature?

Fiber cement is impervious to almost anything, making it an excellent siding installation option as far as weatherability is concerned. The use of Portland cement and fly ash helps neutralize the drawbacks of wood, producing a material that’s proof against termite infestation, fire, and decay. In turn, fiber cement shares the remarkable durability of masonry.

North America may have different weather conditions, but fiber cement can withstand the long-term effects of detrimental elements anywhere you live. It’s a favorite choice up north because it doesn’t become brittle in cold climates.

How Does It Contribute to Curb Appeal?

It may wear like concrete but can masquerade as wood, stucco, and other materials. Fiber cement comes in an array of textures and colors, giving you considerable latitude in giving your home exterior a makeover. Like vinyl siding, it can be factory-painted to ensure even application of coats and help preserve its vibrant finish over the long haul.

The only downside of fiber cement is its installation requires specialized skills. Fortunately, Century Roofing and Siding has the expertise, experience, and integrity to guarantee flawless work. To schedule your FREE estimate in Ontario and discuss your Ottawa, ON, project in detail, call us today at (613) 738-1774.