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Warranties ensure that your new roof will deliver many years of protection for your home and comfort for your family. After all, they serve as proof that you’re getting products of the best quality. They can cover material flaws, workmanship errors or both. This allows you to make the most of your investment.

Answers to Top Questions About GAF Warranties

When you turn to GAF Master Elite® roofers like [company_name], you can enjoy exceptional warranties from the brand. Today, we answer some of the frequently asked questions about them:

Why Are Roofing Warranties Essential?

A new roof involves a substantial amount of time and money, and it can last between 20 and 40 years, or even more. Understanding every detail of your warranty ahead of time can help you save thousands of dollars in case an issue arises.

Will There Be Any Problem With the Roof’s Installation?

With GAF’s innovative and stringent manufacturing process, the chances of having problems with your roofing system are extremely low. In fact, most of the issues you’ll encounter are usually because of workmanship, not the roofing materials. This is why you should only work with GAF-certified contractors to handle your roof installation.

What Does a Materials Warranty Cover?

All roofing manufacturers offer a warranty against material defects for all their products, but such warranties still vary. Many three-tab shingles, for instance, are backed with a 20-year warranty, while most laminated shingles are covered with a lifetime warranty. Every warranty has its own distinct terms and conditions, so read each one carefully.

What is GAF’s Golden Pledge® Warranty?

This is the manufacturer’s strongest warranty, which covers both material defects for up to 50 years and workmanship errors for up to 25 years. This means whether or not your go-to roofing company stays in business, GAF will stand behind their work during the established period. They will provide the necessary repairs and replacements at no cost. This can only be offered by Master Elite roofers like us.

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