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New siding installation is a great choice for your upcoming home improvement project. In addition to improving the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home, the siding itself doubles as an extra weather barrier that further bolsters your home’s defense against the elements.

Preparing Your Home for Siding Installation

In this post, your siding experts at [company_name] discuss how to prepare for siding installation.

Clean the Exterior Walls

Just because your new siding will cover up the wall doesn’t mean that you can get away with not cleaning it. It’s always a good idea to give your exterior walls a cleaning before installing anything. You free it from debris that can otherwise make the installation job trickier to do. Smooth out the surface so your new siding is installed quick and easy.

For Vinyl Siding, Insulation Is Important

When you are installing vinyl siding, make it a point to insulate the sidewalls as well. This material tends to expand and contract considerably, and that’s why most come with an insulating material. Insulation keeps the vinyl siding in good condition and even benefits the rest of your home in terms of energy efficiency.

Keep the Flashings in Mind

It’s also important that you keep the most vulnerable parts of the siding from accruing water damage by installing flashing. We recommend a material that won’t absorb water but instead shed it, such as aluminum trim coils. Installing these will properly direct water away from the siding’s most vulnerable parts.

Work With an Experienced Contractor

It’s tempting to do the siding replacement and installation on your own, but the smarter course of action is to work with an experienced contractor. Companies like us can offer you higher quality siding systems at better prices and we can help you pick the most appropriate material for your home too.

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