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Last July, we’ve had our fill of summer storms here in Ottawa. If your home suffered the brunt in particular, now may be is the perfect time to conduct some maintenance or repair work, especially on your hardworking roof. To get you acting on that task, Ottawa Sun has some bit of favorable weather report:

Environment Canada is predicting a warmer than usual August, which is traditionally ever-so-slightly chillier than July.

By mid-afternoon Wednesday, the sand at Mooney’s Bay still looked freshly raked and only ones in the water had feathers.

“St. John’s, Newfoundland, has had more days over 25C than Ottawa,” said Environment Canada weather specialist David Phillips — a bit gleefully, in fact — before tearing off on a tangent about dew points.

“This has never happened before. Newfoundland has had its warmest month ever — since the 1800s. Ottawa is cooler. I never thought I’d live to see it.”

We certainly don’t for sure know when the next storm might roll in, but let’s not wait for the skies to turn gray before we jostle and frantically make ways. When time is of the essence, calling a contractor to handle your roofing in Ottawa is a good idea. Your roofing contractor should be able to determine the extent of the work that needs to be done, especially if your roof sustained heavy damage and seriously needs replacement.

If it comes to that, consider upgrading to a sturdier material like metal roofing, which is durable enough to withstand the extremes of the Canadian climate. Whether we encounter another blow of cruel heat wave, or another slew of summer storms, the durability of this material ensures that your home is going to be safe and comfortable.

Century Roof and Siding can effectively install metal roofing in Ottawa with speed and accuracy. So whenever the next storm comes into town, you won’t be caught with your pants down.

For more information about metal roofing, feel free to contact Century Roofing and Siding today!

(Article Excerpt from Still hope for summer weather, Ottawa Sun, July 30, 2014)