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Spring brings thoughts of fair weather, a landscape of flowers in bloom and a time to rebuild the things ruined by the previous months’ onslaught of severe snow. In Ottawa, some homeowners planned to book appointments with contractors for roof repair in Ottawa. After all, this season is traditionally the best time to call for renovation crews to get busy with all those big and little tasks around the house.

And then their plans got ‘snowed out’. The spring was unfortunately interrupted by a sudden return of snow in the area, as reported by

Two years ago at this time, Ottawa was just getting into the swing of spring, with balmy temperatures allowing golf courses their earliest opening in years.

Fast forward to this year, and the greens are still blanketed in white after yet another snow squall Saturday dumped close to 15 cm on the region.

And while city crews were out patching pot holes as recently as last week, they turned instead to enforcing a street parking ban that went into effect from 1 to 7 a.m. Sunday.

Police were kept busy on area roads with numerous collisions, and while none were considered serious, driving conditions were made even more treacherous by the 40 km/h winds that turned steadily-falling flakes into snow-swept roads.

And while police were tending to the roads, paramedics were reporting a high volume of calls for falls, with the dispatch centre working on five different fall-related emergencies at one time early Saturday morning.

While the report did not elaborate on the cause of the “fall-related emergencies,” the most likely culprits are the slippery icy surfaces. The report also mentioned that it looks like homeowners will have to be prepared for more flakes:

Temperatures are expected to rise to the plus side of zero by Friday, but the weather service warns there could be more snow in store.

This means that your already battered roof will probably be taking even more punishment in the near future from heavy snow accumulation. However, you shouldn’t try clearing it by yourself – the cost of a potential medical emergency will be much more than what you save from not hiring a skilled roofer in Ottawa like Century Roofing & Siding. With the warning of “more snow in store,” it would be safer to seek the help of a professional to avoid accidents.

(Article Excerpt and Image From Wintry squalls stall spring,, March 22, 2014)