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In siding installation, it’s general knowledge that it would be far easier to simply choose one material for the entire thing. Plus, the advantage is that the design would be uniform throughout, contributing to visual consistency. That said, some adventurous homeowners use multiple textures in siding. The question is—is this really advisable?

Century Roofing and Siding, your siding authority, sheds light on the matter and how multi-textured siding can work to your benefit.

Color Palette Is Important

Mixed texture siding is often unnoticeable unless you think of a color palette that will distinguish the textures from each other. Contrast is often important here, so you can choose a dark and light hue or a neutral with a vibrant one. You can even use different shades of the same color!

It’s also worth noting that an exterior palette often consists of three things: the main color (which would go over the walls), the roof color, and the accent colors. If you’re serious about mixed texture siding replacement, you should introduce a fourth.

Texture Is Likewise So

Even if you have the color combination down pat, textures that are too similar to each other will only make your exterior look “patchy” and inconsistent. To avoid this, if you’re choosing another color for the other siding material, make sure its texture is different enough.

Profile Is King

Say you can’t afford to have another color for your siding or you’re already set with one texture. A good way is to play with the cut of the siding to create a pseudo-mixed texture exterior. For example, you can have horizontal siding on the lower level and vertical on the upper floors. And don’t be content with straight orientations; you can even use shakes, scallops, and more.

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