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Whether you’re guilty or not, the fact remains that most homeowners neglect to regularly clean their gutters. However, there are numerous benefits that stem from cleaning your gutters.

Mind Your Gutters: The Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Read on as Century Roofing and Siding talks about how maintaining your gutters can have a direct impact on the condition of your roof.

Gutters and the Rest of Your House

It helps if you look at your home as various parts that function as a whole. That way, you can appreciate how one aspect performs in relation to the others. In this case, clean gutters don’t carry the added weight of standing water and various debris such as leaves, twigs and pine needles. Regularly maintained gutters function optimally, and won’t sag or pull away from the roof where they’re attached.

The foundation of your home, as well as your exterior siding, can be compromised if gutters, especially clogged ones, fail to direct water away from the rest of the house. Your fascia will also suffer damage if clogged gutters are left unattended. Not to mention that stagnant water can turn into breeding grounds of various disease-carrying mosquitoes and insects.

Keeping Everything Intact and Leak-Free

As gutters are connected to your roof via various pieces of hardware, it’s important to inspect these aspects as well. Gutter spikes, fasteners, screws and rivets are all susceptible to rust and corrosion, resulting in unstable gutters. Unstable gutters are a hazard, as they may come loose at any moment and cause injury to you or your family members.

Not only that, but gutters that aren’t maintained properly can also result in gutter leaks. Leaking gutters are harmful not only to your house, but also to your garden beds. Constant or non-stop spilling of water does not nourish plants and flowers. In fact, excessive amounts of water can drown and kill them. Imagine having leaky, unstable gutters and a dead garden — not a very pleasant sight.

Hopefully, these points made you think twice about once again postponing your already long-overdue eavestrough cleaning. Century Roofing and Siding offers efficient and beautiful gutter systems that do most of the work for you. You may call us at (613) 738-1774. We serve Ottawa, ON.