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Home exterior siding is a crucial component in protecting your home from the outdoor elements. Nature brings the hot sun, rains, strong winds, snow and ice–the very elements against which your siding is meant to protect the home.

Improving Home Design and Function: Top Projects to Consider - Part 3: Siding Replacement

Once your siding has begun to rot, it becomes ineffectual at keeping your home envelope safe from all the damage that the environment can bring. If only a small area has been affected by the rot, the portion affected can often still be repaired. It’s still best, however, to select rot-resistant material–typically vinyl–for your siding as it can better withstand decay.

Besides looking awful, holes and cracks can compromise the structural integrity of your home. Gaps in exterior cladding can leave it vulnerable to moisture, as well as insects, pests, and other such critters (for example, termites) that can cause potentially devastating damage.

New siding can add to your home’s aesthetic. It’s available in a variety of materials, colors, and textures that can dramatically transform the look of your home. Not only that, new siding with additional insulation can make a huge difference in terms of eliminating drafts in the home and in helping you save on heating and cooling costs due to better efficiencies in the home.

To ensure your siding is still in good condition, make sure to check regularly for bulging or warping panels that could point to deep-seated or more serious problems that are hidden from view. If you suspect any damage at all, call in the pros for a more thorough inspection.

If there is any evidence of moisture buildup inside your home, don’t hesitate to check the corresponding area outside. If there are any signs of rot, mold or mildew, address the issues promptly.

Siding replacement as great way to boost the resale value of your home, offering the best returns on investment. While it’s price tag may be steep, homeowners can expect to recoup over half the project cost, making it one of the most attractive home improvement projects to consider having done.

Seek the help of a reliable siding contractor to determine which products will work best for your home. With a licensed professional working on your projects, you can be sure of the quality of both the products and the installation being done.