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Largely dismissed by homeowners as unimportant, gutters play a far from inconsequential role in the protection of your home. They protect against the rain, which is possibly one of the biggest enemies your home’s structure has to face on a regular basis.

Without your gutters and downspouts effectively doing their job, you can expect a slew of moisture-related problems in the home to arise and spiral out of control.

Well-maintained gutters typically will last for many years, but with gutters largely remaining out of sight and out of mind, homeowners may be prone to neglecting their regular care.

Malfunctioning gutters can ruin your siding, causing paint to bubble up or peel away as a result of excess moisture leaking from the gutter and inundating your walls. Peeling paint can, however, be the least of your concerns. Unchecked moisture can lead to rot, and the exterior wood trim elements of your home (like window sills and door jambs) can become ineffectual at keeping out the weather.

Downspout problems. Downspouts typically terminate about six feet away from the home to prevent moisture from finding its way into your basement and giving rise to the growth of smelly mildew and mold.

Regular gutter cleaning. One of the chores most homeowners dread is cleaning out dirty, smelly gutters. Besides being a dirty job, it can be awkward and even dangerous, given that a ladder is typically needed to carry out the work.

Luckily, homeowners can opt for gutter covers, screens, and other systems to relieve them of this dreaded chore. Screens and guards are installed on existing gutters to keep unwanted debris out and keep the water running freely.

Relatively inexpensive, screens or gutter guards can spare you from the tedious chore of cleaning out your gutters every year. While typical gutters must be maintained to function correctly, and since so many people forget until manageable issues inevitably develop into larger, more costly affairs, gutter guards can be a lifesaver–an innovative get-it-and-forget-it solution designed never to clog.


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