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In Ottawa, summers are warm and sunny and winters are brutal. This constant change in outdoor temperature not only affects your personal ventures, but most importantly the condition of the roof—your home’s main defense system against harsh weather elements. 

Maintaining the roof is an essential task to accomplish regularly if you don’t want your entire roofing system to break down and pose health and safety hazards in the future. But before you can conduct proper repairs and adjustments, you have to be well-informed about the potential risks of varying weather conditions.

  • Rainfall is a normal occurrence in Ottawa. Since it’s not an unfamiliar weather condition, some homeowners may neglect the possible damages rainwater brings forth. Consistent heavy rainfall can lead to leaks and impose unbearable weight on your roof deck that results in weakening of structural components. After the rain, make sure that there’s no standing water on the roof, especially if yours is a low-sloped or flat type, before it initiates mold growth and creates a spawning pool for mosquitoes.
  • The snowy period in Ottawa lasts for almost half a year. Reputable roofers will advise the removal of snow and ice build-ups on and along the edges of the roof every after snowstorms to prevent it and the gutters from caving in due to undesirable weight. Don’t wait until snow melts and refreezes under your shingles, further damaging the system.
  • The longest exposure of sun this year alone lasted for 15 hours in Ottawa. Some roofing materials can be more susceptible to ultraviolet ray damage, causing shingles to crack or curl up. Make sure your roofing system has layers of protection against extreme heat and is well-insulated. You can accomplish this by installing asphalt shingles or applying heat reflective paint with the help of a trusted roofing company.

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