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Wood siding is among the most expensive types of siding, and for a good reason – its aesthetic quality is incomparable. Because it is a big investment, it is only right that you take good care of it. This way, you can enjoy its beauty for many years.

How to Take Care of Your Wood Siding

How do you keep your wood siding beautiful?

Seal It Properly

Protection of your wood siding begins with the right kind of sealer. As you know, natural wood contracts and expands depending on the weather. Without proper protection, not only will the paint crack or chip but water may also seep in and start rotting your siding. When this continues to happen, you may soon have to deal with decayed wood.

To avoid this, you need to apply a sealer. You can either apply a stain, paint, or a clear sealer. Wood stain penetrates the fibers and keeps them safe from moisture. It won’t chip or crack. The drawback is that you cannot change the color of the stain should you want to as it is a penetrating sealer. With paint, you can choose any color that you want for your siding. However, you should be prepared to have your siding repainted every five years or so. Clear sealers can protect your wood siding from moisture damage while allowing its natural shade to shine. It slows down the process that turns the color of wood to gray. Clear sealers need to be reapplied every two years.

Keep It Clean and Free of Stains

While it does not require regular cleaning as gutters do, your wood siding should be cleaned at least once a year with warm water and soap. It should be brushed from bottom to top and rinsed thoroughly. The task is easier if you divide it into 20-foot parts.

You might find that some parts of your wood siding have rust stains. These are caused by screws or nails. You can remove those unsightly stains by mixing four ounces of oxalic acid with a cup of warm water. Apply it to the stains and scrub gently with a brush. Rinse it and wipe dry. Do not forget to wear gloves and protective glasses when you do this.

Prevent Damage

You can avoid damaging your wood siding by not letting any tree branches or bushes touch them. It would also help if you reapply caulk when necessary. Mow your lawn with care so no stones and twigs will hit your siding. Make sure when you do eavestrough cleaning that there are no leaks that could rot your siding.

Address Problems Immediately

If you notice that there are parts of your siding that are damaged, don’t ignore them. Call a professional at once to repair the problem or replace the wood panels if necessary.

If you want more information on how you can lengthen the lifespan of your wood siding or if you are in need of a new one, do not hesitate to contact Century Roofing and Siding. You can reach us at (613) 738-1774. We serve clients from Ottawa, ON, and other neighboring areas in Ontario.