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Manually climbing up a ladder for a gutter and eavestrough cleaning after a storm is usually necessary, but it’s time-consuming and backbreaking. Technology has proved, however, you don’t have to do intensive labor to clean your gutters if you just use gutter guards.

Gutter Whiskers Vs. Gutter Clean System®

One such gutter guard is called a gutter whisker, but they don’t exactly do the job you need to get done. Here are a few disadvantages that come along with them:

They Don’t Give Protection

Having gutter whiskers may reduce the risk of clogging, but it doesn’t mean they are the sole solution to a clogged gutter. Dead leaves and debris could clog the downspout, preventing water from flowing freely and causing more problems. They won’t be able to give your gutters the protection it needs.

The Gutter Clean System® is a more efficient way to keep debris off your gutters and protect them from debris blockage. Apart from that, it is also resistant to the pressure of heavy snowfall, unlike the delicate spine of gutter whiskers that breaks easily under heavy weight.

They Are Easily Dislodged

Since gutter whiskers are only laid on the gutter without any covering, the exposure makes them vulnerable to rodents and birds pecking at its soft material until it’s dislodged. This exposes the gutter to clogging again.

They Are Prone to Overflowing

Because gutter whiskers don’t have a system for draining rainwater in large volumes, the chances of water buildup overflowing can cause leaks or damage the landscaping, foundation and siding. The Gutter Clean System has a rollback mechanism, which keeps water from overflowing.

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