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Commercial roof maintenance isn’t just fixing something when it’s broken. A real roof maintenance program involves taking preventive measures to thwart water damage and preserve your building’s interior.

Preventive Maintenance

Any reliable roofing contractor, like Century Roofing and Siding, would agree that these are the virtues of a proactive roof maintenance approach:

Detecting Causes of Leakage Early

The logic behind preventive maintenance is to discover and fix problems in their infancy. When you act only when there’s a leak, you’re already too late. In most cases, leakage occurs when certain issues are left undetected and unaddressed for a long period. Although you can still save a leaky roof, the cost to repair it will be greater than had the problem been detected earlier.

In addition, leakage harms more than just your roofing system. It could wreak havoc on the contents of your building, cause injury and even bring your business to a halt. On the contrary, tackling repairs proactively can prevent water intrusion, reduce your liability in case of accidents, and allow you schedule downtime strategically.

Keeping the Same Problems From Recurring

A preventive maintenance program doesn’t just identify and repair roof problems; it aims to resolve issues permanently. At the end of a proactive inspection, seasoned, professional roofers determine the best course of action. The detailed bid you’d get comes with recommended solutions to address all red flags and avoid experiencing the same problems again.

Budgeting for Future Replacement

An active roof maintenance routine allows you to plan ahead and prepare for an eventual replacement project down the road. By understanding the condition of your roofing system, you can estimate how many serviceable years it still has. Other than setting aside funds for scheduled roof repair jobs, you can ready your company for a costly new roof 20 years in the future.

Century Roofing and Siding can give your commercial roof the care it regularly needs to stay structurally sound for as long as possible. In addition, we’ll make sure your roofing system has the elements necessary to be considered maintainable and render roof asset management a breeze. Call us at (613) 738-1774 today to talk about your roofing needs, and to get a free estimate in Nepean, ON, or nearby communities.