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Checking If Your Downspouts Are Working Properly

Gutters and downspouts help direct rainwater runoff safely away from your home. If they’re maintained regularly and kept in peak condition, they’ll keep your roof dry and intact. To determine if your downspouts are working as well as they should, our gutter and vinyl siding experts at Century Roofing and Siding Ltd. have shared a list of what you need to check out:

vinyl siding downspouts

The Length of Your Downspouts

If your downspouts are too short, they may offload the rainwater runoff close to your home, which can slowly damage its foundations. The correct downspout length is needed to achieve a proper gutter drainage system and ensure the water runoff is directed safely away from your home. You can have it checked by a trusted professional to know whether your downspouts have the right length installed.

Where the Rainwater is Directed

It’s important to know where all the rainwater runoff is directed to. Most gutter systems have the water runoff reach a safe spot such as a drainage pit, dry well, or a nearby garden. Depending on the local weather, it may be better to have a drainage pit or a dry well installed to avoid flooding your garden. Consult with your gutter and siding installation contractor to know how this can be done for your home. 

If you have a rain barrel installed, it can collect rainwater runoff that can be used for other purposes for your home. So long as it’s kept in a shaded area, algae won’t be able to grow in your barrel. To collect rainwater, a diverter will also be installed on your downspouts so that the water runoff is directed into the barrel. 

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