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With the number of siding options available to you, it can be hard to choose just one for your home. It’s something you have to do, however, and comparing is the best way to help you zero in on the right siding replacement for your property. Here’s a quick comparison between Royal® Building Solutions’ Celect® Cellular Composite and fiber cement siding from Century Roofing and Siding to help you get started.


Where Celect Cellular Composite siding features a seamless appearance that helps keep walls smooth and straight, fiber cement siding follows contours and dips on surfaces. Celect also does away with unsightly caulking and doesn’t show gaps or buckle down the line. Fiber cement siding, on the other hand, shows caulk lines and nail heads after installation.


Celect is easy to install because it doesn’t require specialized equipment and is lighter in weight, making it convenient to handle, whereas fiber cement siding needs to be cut by diamond blades and calls for specialized handling measures because it weighs 200 pounds for every 100 square feet.


Celect comes with a 25-year warranty on coating, and scratches or nicks can be touched up easily with some paint. This coating is designed to resist rain, wind, heat, dust and even pollution. Additionally, it makes the siding easy to clean like vinyl siding and simplifies mold and mildew removal. 

On the other hand, fiber cement siding requires repainting every 15 or so years while any chip or scratch filled to prevent further damage. It is also easy to clean but may call for separate mold and mildew treatment.

Century Roofing and Siding is proud to offer siding products from Royal Building Solutions. We are committed to offering quality and the brand perfectly fits into our goal of ensuring 100% satisfaction for our siding installation customers. To learn more about what we can do for you, simply give us a call at (613) 209-2662 or fill out our contact form. Ask us for a FREE estimate today! We serve Ottawa, ON, and the surrounding communities.