A Primer on Why Roofs Fail

You’ve probably encountered it yourself. In any neighborhood, some roofs look dilapidated, while the next-door neighbor’s look good as new. And the thing is, they were installed at the same time, by the same roofing and siding contractor, using the same materials. What happened, then? In today’s post, Century Roofing and Siding explores the most […]

Soffit and Fascia Damage Isn’t a Small Matter

You’re reading this, so you might probably be aware of the merits of maintaining your roof and the costs of ignoring it. That said, some parts of the roof still get ignored even in an age where countless articles are protesting otherwise. Two of these parts are the soffit and the fascia.

Winter Roof Replacement: Why It Makes Sense

Imagine having problems with your roof in winter. Not only will the cold seep through unsealed gaps but you will also be exposed to leaks when the snow melts over your roof. Most people grin and bear it, however, and wait for spring to undertake roof replacement. Not many people know, however, that you can […]

How to Prevent Leaks in Commercial Roofing

Roof leaks can be very frustrating. And the more you ignore them, the more extensive and expensive the damage can get. In this post, Century Roofing and Siding shares some quick tips on how you can prevent leaks in commercial roofing.

Should You Remove Snow From Your Roof?

Snow removal is a task that shouldn’t be neglected by homeowners with flat roofing or roofs that are prone to ice dams. According to experts, letting snow accumulate on your roof can make it vulnerable to collapse.

Essential Tips for Preventing Ice Dams

You’re probably no longer a stranger to ice dams. But even though they are a common problem in colder regions, you can still take a few measures to prevent icicles from forming along the margins of your roof.

Tips for Assessing & Inspecting a Commercial Roof

Roof maintenance helps keep your commercial roof in good shape. You must care for your roof to ensure the protection and safety of its occupants. Even what appears to be a minor issue can speed up the wear of the system.  

How Does Siding Protect Your Home?

Your home’s siding doesn’t just make it beautiful. It helps improve energy efficiency and makes your home more peaceful by blocking outdoor noise. Most importantly, it provides protection against weather extremes and harsh elements.