A House is Not Marketable if the Roof is Not Durable

The housing market is now gaining momentum after the aftereffects of the economic slowdowns. A report shared by the Ottawa Citizen showed figures on how the market is getting stronger this May 2014. Moreover, according to the source, single-family homes topped the sales while town homes and condos got the second and third spots respectively. […]

Seek expert help in dealing with flat roofing’s drawbacks

Based on recent weather forecasts, Canada will enjoy warmer-than-normal weather this summer. However, alongside this are threats of showers and thunderstorms. The article below shared by The Weather Network tells how heavy downpours triggered flooding and disturbances.

Why Spring is the Most Ideal Time for Roof Repairs

President John F. Kennedy said in his circa-1962 State of the Union Address, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” For a lot of homeowners in the United States, this can’t be any truer. HowStuffWorks.com cues us on how the roof protects us from the elements:

Post-Severe Weather: Inspecting Your Roof After a Storm

Canada’s weather patterns have been rougher over the past few years. Compared to the storms and floods in the past decades, the recent ones have been harsher. The Hamilton Spectator published an analysis regarding this matter:

Beating Ottawa Weather with the Right Preparations

The weather this month has been just plain crazy here in Ottawa. If it isn’t erratic, it’s extreme. (Sometimes it’s both.) For us locals, there’s no going around the weather, so we’re just going to have to soldier on. The problem is, your property is bound to take a beating when conditions are this unpredictable.

Ottawa Residents Stuck and Still Waiting for Spring

Spring brings thoughts of fair weather, a landscape of flowers in bloom and a time to rebuild the things ruined by the previous months’ onslaught of severe snow. In Ottawa, some homeowners planned to book appointments with contractors for roof repair in Ottawa. After all, this season is traditionally the best time to call for […]

Surprise Snow in Spring: Get a House Inspection from an Expert in Roofing in Ottawa

Ottawa and Ontario welcomed springtime and most residents expected to do their seasonal home overhauls. However, the turn of events had them disappointed as the weather behaved contrary to their expectations. A recent weather commentary/forecast from the theweathernetwork.com cited news regarding a cold front that brought snow showers just as spring was stretching its legs:

Ottawa Roofers Offer Maintenance and Repair Work to Extend Roof Life

Commercial roofs such as those on office and residential buildings, as well as establishments like malls and public event venues, should be maintained regularly. Commercial buildings usualy contain a mass of people at a time, so a single incident can affect a large number of people all at once. Noted Ottawa roofers, like those at […]

Ottawa Roofing Replacement Projects: Basic Dos and Don’ts to Consider

First time homeowners may not know the ins and outs of replacing a roof. Several questions regarding the material and procedure arise when the time comes to replace a roof, so it is always best to consult with an experienced Ottawa roofing company, like Century Roofing and Siding, to avoid costly mistakes. Don Vandervort of […]