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Your gutters and downspouts are essential parts of your roofing system. These components are not there just for show. They help drain runoff from the roof during days of heavy rain or snow, directing the water to a safe distance away from your basement and foundations. Without them, water will end up seeping into the ground around your home, loosening it and potentially causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. 

Gutters and Downspouts

It’s important to know the common reasons that could affect the performance of your gutters and downspouts because problems in any of these parts can easily extend to the rest of your home. Here are some reasons our experts at Century Roofing and Siding Ltd. might suspect your water drainage system is not working as it should.

Clogging Problems

One of the reasons a thorough and professional eavestrough cleaning is needed after fall is to clear away the fallen leaves that might have ended up inside your gutters. These leaves can often clog up your troughs, severely affecting the way your gutters and downspouts handle the flow of water. It’s dangerous to neglect clogged gutters as it could quickly lead to flooding problems.

Incorrect Sizing

Gutters and downspouts come in many different shapes and sizes. The reason why you need a professional when installing these components is because they can tell you just how big or how long your downspouts need to be. Should you choose one that is too short or too small, you might end up with water drainage problems in the future.

Inadequate Downspouts

Aside from choosing the right-sized downspouts on your siding boards, you also need to install enough of them. The number of downspouts you need depends on how much precipitation your home gets every year. Consult with a professional to know the right numbers before making any decision.

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