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Choosing a siding pattern that will suit your home is an exciting way to unleash your creativity. Whether you’re building a new home or taking on a renovation project, the possibilities are endless with wide selections of colors—from traditional oak to a dramatic russett shade—and siding materials. While most homes acquire horizontal siding patterns, there are more variations and options in the market that you can consider and have fun with.



Horizontal Siding Patterns


1. Lap siding is the traditional choice for homes since it’s easy to install and the most affordable. The boards used in lap siding are partially layered on top of each other so rainwater can drip down to the bottom without obstruction.

2. Similarly, Dutch lap siding features a decorative notch that runs along on top of each board. It elevates the surface of your home with more obvious textural contrast, but remains just as effective as the regular lap siding.

3. Commonly of vinyl material like most guttersbeaded siding features a “bead” at the bottom of each board to break up the look of the exterior surface.


Vertical Siding Patterns


1. Panel siding is simply a variation to horizontal lap siding. It offers a more consistent and flat appeal to your home than any other siding.

2. The board and batten siding refers to a type of exterior panelling that has alternating wide boards and narrow strips, commonly wood-based. It creates a waterproof surface and can also be used horizontally. 


 Shake Siding Patterns


If you’re the bold type or simply have an innovative touch, consider using shake siding patterns as accents to your home exterior. Cedar wood is the classic material for this siding profile, although there are other engineered siding options that carry the same countryside look but at a lower price with reduced demand for maintenance. Most of the variations are style with alternating sizes of the same shape to provide a unique and timeless appeal to your home.


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