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What defines an American home has changed a lot over the last century. Some trends went away with time while others are still present.

Today, your trusted roofers at Century Roofing and Siding Ltd. show you how classic American home exteriors changed through the decades. 

1910s: In this decade, white trim was used around windows and doors as a contrast to dark-colored siding. Triangular columns, gabled roofs, subtle colors and wide porches are the main features of a Craftsman home, one of the most popular styles at the time. 

1920s: A popular trend in this decade was the use of stone and clapboard for exteriors. 

1930s: Farmhouses feature vertical siding in “barn red” and white dutch door. 

1940s: Classic Cape Cod gained popularity just before the mid-century. The economy during World War II was mirrored by the subtle components of homes. 

1950s: Striking silhouettes, clean lines, big windows and bright exterior colors were big in the mid-1950s.

1960s: During this era, Americana and Colonial styles are both seen in home interiors and exteriors. Classic shutters, white clapboard siding, and cupolas defined this decade. 

1970s:  Brick was usually partnered with earth-toned exteriors in the 1970s. 

1980s: Houses were getting bigger. Roofing, siding and windows became more diverse. Instead of traditional siding, neutral stucco was used. 

1990s: This decade was a contrast to the eclectic homes of the 80s. Houses turned simpler and columns came back in style. 

2000s: Soft neutral exteriors were widely used in the 2000s. Entry doors are often used to give exteriors a pop of color. 

2010s: Engineered shingles let homeowners achieve the look of natural and traditional materials with minimal upkeep. Cool-toned shingles are popular today as are retractable doors and windows. 

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