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You’ve probably encountered it yourself. In any neighborhood, some roofs look dilapidated, while the next-door neighbor’s look good as new. And the thing is, they were installed at the same time, by the same roofing and siding contractor, using the same materials. What happened, then?

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In today’s post, Century Roofing and Siding explores the most likely reasons the other roof failed early—and what you can do so you avoid the same pitfalls.

DIY or Poor Workmanship

Topping the most probable cause list is shoddy workmanship. This is usually because the homeowner elected to choose a contractor with a less-than-stellar track record. Some homeowners even choose to do the roofing job themselves, which, even if they get the best materials that they could get, would end up becoming a hot mess.

What this means is you get what you pay for. Don’t skimp on costs and end up paying more in the long run for correction and repairs.

Incorrect or Inappropriate Design

Not all roofs are made equal, and certainly not in how they deal with the local climate. When your roof’s design, such as its slope, doesn’t account for the weather patterns in your area, you’re in for a world of hurt. For example, avoid choosing a low-slope roof or a roof without eavestroughs for areas that see a lot of rain. And if you have eavestroughs, it’s also a good idea to make eavestrough cleaning a habit.

Poor Maintenance

This is probably the biggest culprit of all. Even if your roof was installed by the best company and the most expensive materials money could buy, it all amounts to nothing if you don’t care for it. Your roof needs cleaning once in a while, and troubleshooting small problems before they become bigger is one of the best ways to maximize your roof’s life span.

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