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Are you looking for the best siding material for your property? According to our siding replacement experts, you should consider getting metal siding like aluminum or stainless steel. What does metal siding offer compared to other options? Here’s a quick summary of what you’re getting.

Better Durability

Metal is known for its durability, which is why it’s commonly used for roofing. The same thing can be said for metal siding panels, which boast excellent resistance against the harsh elements. Metal siding can shrug off impacts that would easily punch a hole through vinyl siding. Furthermore, metal siding does not catch fire even when exposed to an open flame.

Better Cooling Capabilities

Siding installation experts strongly recommend metal siding for homes in areas with warm climates. This is because aluminum and other metals used for siding tend to shed off heat faster than other materials. This cooling capability greatly helps cut down your HVAC’s energy consumption, which translates to long-term savings.

Easier Maintenance

While it is true that earlier versions of metal siding are prone to rust, advances in manufacturing technology has led to the development of low-maintenance metal siding. For example, aluminum siding is completely immune to rust that plague even coated steel, and its smooth finish makes it easy to paint over from time to time.

Better Versatility

Unlike other siding options, metal siding is malleable. Because of this, metal siding is available in all forms and styles. You can choose to have smooth panels resembling vinyl siding or have a textured look that resembles shingle siding. This allows metal siding to work well on both traditional and contemporary home designs.

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