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Siding is an ubiquitous part of every home’s exterior, and is often dismissed as nothing more than a decorative element. But the right kind of siding can help improve your home’s exterior in more ways than one. In today’s post, siding and gutters company Century Roofing and Siding Ltd. discusses these benefits.

plank siding residential exterior

1. Protection Against Physical Damage — Siding is like a skin that protects the exterior walls from harmful elements, like high wind and impact from airborne debris, such as tree branches and ill-aimed baseballs. This is why impact resistance is an important factor that should be considered when choosing among siding options. Siding that’s easily cracked upon impact could allow rainwater infiltration.

2. Structural Support — Quality siding can improve your home’s structural integrity, particularly in conditions that result in cracked walls and loosened supports. While it isn’t a permanent fix, siding can help reduce the effects of these problems until a home repair contractor addresses the problem permanently. 

3. Water Damage Prevention — Siding works with the roof, gutters and exterior drainage system in preventing water damage to your home. Most types of siding are installed in such a way that water flows downward and away from the wall, similar to how shingle-style roofing sheds water without letting it back up. It is important to make sure siding is repaired if you notice water leaking through the exterior walls.

4. Improved Energy Efficiency — Insulated siding options can help improve your home’s energy efficiency. The home’s exterior, including siding, can absorb heat from the sun. Depending on how well the wall framing is filled with insulation, some of the heat may make its way to the interior spaces. When this happens, the indoor cooling system increases its output to compensate for the heat gain, which results in higher energy consumption. An additional layer of insulation on the siding can help reduce the heat that gets through the exterior walls, which will ultimately help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

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