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When it comes to caring for your home’s roofing system, a warranty is a good asset to have. This is because with a warranty, you can have your roof repaired or replaced free of charge in the event that it fails or sustains damage due to a fault in the manufacturing or installation. As such, when you’ve received your roof’s warranty, it’s important that you thoroughly examine it to see if the policy includes four key items.

Here are the four things every residential roofing warranty should have.

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  1. Transferability – When you’re examining the warranty of your roof, one thing that it should always include is transferability. This is because if you plan to sell your home in the near future, a transferable warranty allows you to pass it on to the next homeowners, ensuring that the roof remains protected even after you’ve moved to a different home. Apart from that, a roof with a warranty can also help you sell your home much faster as they tend to attract more buyers.

  2. Limitations – On the other hand, when you’re looking at your roof’s warranty, ask about the limits of liability that the issuer will assume if there are any problems with the roof. By doing so, you can learn which issues you need to prepare to pay for on your own.

  3. Coverage – Alternatively, you should also ask your roofing company about the coverage of your warranty. Find out what the conditions are and what exactly is included in the policy. That way, you’ll know what services are covered by your roofer and which ones you’ll have to pay out of pocket. 

  4. Length – Finally, make it a point to also ask about the length of your roofing warranty. Most roofing companies offer long-term policies, providing you with the peace of mind in the knowledge that your roof will be protected for many years to come. However, it’s still best that you ask just to be safe.

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